Backlash is a vehicle in Blast Corps. It's also a Training Level by its name.



  • A = Accelerate
  • B = Stop/Reverse
  • Control Stick/D-Pad = Move Around
  • L or R = Skid


  • "Backlash" (Training level)
  • Argent Towers
  • Angel City
  • Shuttle Clear
  • Glory Crossing
  • Outland Farm
  • Diamond Sands
  • Gibbon's Gate
  • Baboon Catacomb


As a vehicle, this dumptruck is a truck that simply skids. This vehicle acquires a lot of training, as it will be mastered for later levels. Yes, the backlash is quite a good vehicle. As levels get harder, the vehicle needs to be mastered.


  • In the Normal version of Blast Corps, its initials are BC. In the Japanese version, it's BD. It's not known why they're placed on the truck, but their initials stand for Blast Corps, and BlastDozer.

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