Blast Corps has a variation of levels to complete. Each level has a certain difficulty.


  • Backlash
  • J-Bomb
  • Sideswipe
  • Skyfall
  • Thunderfist


  • Argent Towers
  • Blackridge Works
  • Carrick Point
  • Havoc District
  • Simian Acres


  • Beeton Tracks
  • Cromlech Court
  • Ebony Coast
  • Echo Marches
  • Ironstone Mine
  • Outland Farm
  • Shuttle Gully
  • Tempest City


  • Angel City
  • Crystal Rift
  • Diamond Sands
  • Ember Hamlet
  • Glory Crossing
  • Obsidian Mile
  • Oyster Harbor


  • Baboon Catacomb
  • Bison Ridge
  • Cobalt Quarry
  • Cooter Creek
  • Corvine Bluff
  • Dagger Pass
  • Dark Heartland
  • Falchion Field
  • Geode Square
  • Gibbon's Gate
  • Glander's Ranch
  • Jade Plateau
  • Kipling Plant
  • Lizard Island
  • Magma Peak
  • Marine Quarter
  • Mars
  • Mercury
  • Mica Park
  • Moon
  • Moraine Chase
  • Morgan Hall
  • Neptune
  • Orion Plaza
  • Saline Watch
  • Salvage Wharf
  • Shuttle Clear
  • Shuttle Island
  • Silver Junction
  • Skerries
  • Sleek Streets
  • Twilight Foundry
  • Venus


  • It is not known why the Ballista and the Cyclone Suit have no training required.
  • Shuttle Clear is the only level to have a Space Shuttle in it, despite its name.
  • It is not known why Shuttle Clear has no rdus in the level, although it's a bonus level and a "carrier" level, with a Shuttle blazing through the skies. It is also not known why it's both a bonus and carrier level.
  • Shutle Island is also a level, but it doesn't contain any RDU or "vehicles". It just the Shuttle blasting off into space.

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